Share your gripes on how you have been treated rudely, including driving rudeness, telephone rudeness and more. Online bulletin boards provide a venting forum for your frustrations and anger about rude behavior. Learn from others on how to deal with rude people in an effective manner. By reporting various incidents offers a experience of revenge for rude behavior in a safe manner.

This site was started in 2008.

We haven’t had the time and resources to run it properly, so for now it is not functional.

Originally, we set up the forum with vBulletin. I would like to work with a blogger who knows vBulletin and has a passion for the topic of rudeness. Rather than pay you directly for this, I would like to give you a large percentage of the site profits, once it becomes functional again. That means that there would be a period of time where you would work for “free,” in helping to get it going. If you are such a person, please contact me!  Howard Richman is a subsidiary of Sound Feelings Publishing
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